About Florida passionfruit


Taste: Passionfruit has a rich and luscious taste that’s refreshingly sweet and tart with a floral hint.

Growing: Southern Florida

Season: December – February and May thru August

Colors: You’ll find shades of purple, pale-pink, and deep red.

Ripe: Wrinkles while ripening.

Open: Use a sharp knife to cut fruit in half lengthwise. Scoop out the contents. Tips…

Enjoy: Fresh scooped out of its shell or strain pulp and seeds through a strainer or cheesecloth for juice. Ideas and recipes…

In the know

Ideas to enjoy passionfruit

Enjoy simply eaten from its shell, but don’t stop there. Passionfruit can top breakfast, tossed into salads, stirred into drinks, mixed into baked goods and added into sauces. Ideas and recipes…


Passionfruit may be small but it carries a nutritional punch. It’s big on vitamins A and C along with minerals: phosphorous, iron and copper. Read more…



Fresh passionfruit seeds will remind you of raw sunflower seeds. Eat or drink them whole or chopped, the seeds give a small crunch to the fruit’s taste. Read more…


Get the scoop!

It’s not hard to slice open a passionfruit and scoop out the insides. But to make it easier, use a serrated knife to slice across the fruit’s middle and a grapefruit spoon to scoop out the insides.  Read more…


Wrinkled when ripe

It’s such gorgeous fruit when harvested, but wait! It gets sweeter as it wrinkles, so wait a bit before opening.


Many colors, same great taste inside

Passionfruit can be one of many colors on the outside. Green to purple, passionfruit’s great taste is still inside.


Grown in Southern Florida

Grown on both coasts in semi-tropical South Florida, passionfruit grows as a vine. Trellises, much like what’s used for grapes, are set-up for their growth.


Passionfruit’s flower

The arrival of the passionfruit’s flower means the fruit is soon to arrive.

Passionfruit’s flower has deep crimson drops on its petals. It’s thought to have been the flower at the base of Christ’s crucifix.


For our retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production and Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: 14 days
Brooks Availability: Mostly year-round
Brooks Origin: South Florida
Storage: 42° – 50°F
Humidity: 85% – 95%

Match how passionfruit is enjoyed

  1. Passionfruit is enjoyed in many different ways. Think small and many. Display small baskets of passionfruit with other fruits, veggies and food that passionfruit compliments.
  2. The aroma of passionfruit will often drive first timers to buy. Build displays with aroma considered.
  3. Topping yogurt is often the first way this fruit’s enjoyed. A bin near the yogurt aisle builds sales.
  4.  Passionfruit is a favorite topping on salads both fruit and lettuce. Let passionfruit play a part in any salad display.
  5. Topping veggies either with raw or cooked passionfruit is a great way to get veggies eaten and enjoyed. Broccoli and Cauliflower need the help, it’s passionfruit to the rescue.
  6. Cooking shows are highlighting passionfruit in delicious addition to cooked entrees and baked goods. In-store demos sparkle with a passionfruit added.
  7. Let’s drink to this, passionfruit is often stirred into cold drinks like iced tea, lemonade and cocktails. Passionfruit is also enjoyed blended as a juice. And lets not forget smoothies. Any displays highlighting drinks should have a place for this fruit.


passionfruit displays

See photos of displays

See photos of displays….

Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

  1. Passionfruit has a tropical flavor that’s both sweet and tart.
  2. Wrinkling means passionfruit is ripening. Adding “Wrinkled when ripe” says it all.
  3. Brooks’ passionfruit are grown in Southern Florida. Show the “Fresh from Florida” logo whenever possible.
  4. Top ways of enjoying passionfruit
    • Enjoy with a spoon
    • Top yogurt
    • Add to teas and smoothies
    • Toss with salads
    • Stir into sauces
  5. Passionfruit nutrition, it’s a good source of
    • Vitamins A and C
    • Copper, phosphorous and iron
    • Fiber (pulp and seeds)
Need to know about passionfruit

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