Add passionfruit to your healthy eating

No recipes needed

Simply add to your favorite recipes.: stir in, toss with, bake in or top with. And of course, simply enjoy by the spoonful.

Ripe when wrinkled

Passionfruit’s beautiful but hold off enjoying it until it gets a bit wrinkled.

wrinkled when ripe

Passionfruit's seeds

Toss’em or enjoy them? These seeds add a nutritional crunch to enjoying this fruit.

the fruit that lives up to its name

Tips and ideas for passionfruit

Scoop, then toss, stir, top and bake to enjoy this fruit.

How goes passionfruit?

Passionfruit can go many different ways. Scooped out, this fruit can be blended, stirred into, tossed with, topped on and, don’t forget, simply eaten by the spoonful.


From breakfast to bedtime snack this fruit has got a lot going for it.