About Starfruit


Also known as: Carambola

Taste:  When green, starfruit’s taste is similar to that of a tart apple. It sweetens when the fruit becomes yellow.*

Growing: Southern Florida (west and east coast)

Season: July thru April

Selection: Choose a firm, crisp fruit. Browning on the edges is a sign of ripeness.

Ripe: When mostly yellow. When completely yellow, enjoy within 2 days.

Open: Eat like you would an apple or slice into stars. Tips on slicing…

Enjoy: Perfect for tossing into a salad, juicing for a refreshing drink, grilling as in a “kabob” or baking into a desserts.  Of course you can slice to deliciously garnish any recipe. Recipes…

*If you have kidney problems, check with your doctor before eating starfruit.

Starfruit from Florida
Starfruit from Florida

In the know

Ideas for enjoying Starfruit

  • Eat like an apple
  • Slice into stars for salads, fruit or leaf
  • Juice for a refreshing drink
  • Grill with the steak or as a kabob
  • Thickly slice for garnishes
  • Stir-fry for a star-filled treat
  • Bake with that green bean casserole
  • Go topsy turvy, add to an upside cake
See stars with starfruit
See stars with starfruit
Track star in nutrition
Track star in nutrition


Add a nutritional star to any meal or snack.
One of the lower-calorie tropical fruits, one cup of starfruit weighs in at only 40 calories and yet provides 76 percent of the RDA for vitamin C and almost 4 grams of fiber.

See what our nutritionist says about this fruit..

Slicing into stars
Slicing into stars

slicing tips

Veggie peeler to trim starfruit’s edges and a knife is all you need. Quick and easy way to get to the stars.

Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree
Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree

our groves

Starfruit originates in Southeast Asian and naturally grows under the canopy of century-old trees.  Florida starfruit is grown in the heat and the humidity of Southern Florida’s sub-tropical climate. But this fruit needs a bit of shade, so we grow under light screens.

Let the stars come out in any salad
Let the stars come out in any salad

star appeal

Add starfruit slices to any salad, fruit or lettuce. Toss the salad and dressing first, then add starfruit slices and lightly toss again. That’s to make sure the stars appear on the top, where they belong.

Dessert perfect, starfruit
Dessert perfect, starfruit

dessert perfect

Turn the dessert table upside down with a star-filled sweet like this upside down cake with starfruit in a starring role.

No recipes needed
No recipes needed

No recipe needed

Almost any dish from salads to stir-fries can be achieve star-appeal with starfruit. Simply slice and add. Here are some tips to get you started…

Kids and starfruit, perfect togeter
Kids and starfruit, perfect togeter

Kids and starfruit, perfect

There’s food for thought and then there’s starfruit which is food for play with the eventual pop into the mouth. A great lunchbox addition for school lunch cafeteria’s ooohs and ahhs. What more could you ask from a fruit. More ideas…

Of course, garnish
Of course, garnish

Of course, garnish

You usually don’t eat a garnish, not true with starfruit. Some tips to add some stars to any dish, drink, dessert.


Starfruit's a star in our free tropical calendar
Starfruit's a star in our free tropical calendar

tropical calendar awaits

Starfruit is one of the fruits starring in our tropical calendar. The calendar is free, simply download and print the month-by-month or year-at-a-glance versions.


For our retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production & Sensitivity: Low

Shelf Life: One week depending on temperature and humidity. Once ripe, it should be eaten within two to three days.

Brooks Availability: July – April

Brooks Origin: Florida

Storage Temperature: 48° – 55°F

Storage Humidity: 88%-90%

Displays yes, Read-to-go a must

    Adding a couple of slice to any fruit salad in the grab-n-go area will boost sales. Make sure the star slices are viewable in the container.
    Starfruit deserves a place in any lunchbox, snack or salad displays. Signage should be fun, “put a star on top” for the lunchbox or salad displays.
    To stock, point tips outward so the star’s shape is readily apparent.


Design Advantages
  • Prevents bruising during transport & customer handling
  • Stacks easily, allowing for organized displays
  • Reduces shrinkage by controlling humidity
  • Tracks and scans more easily with UPC coding
  • Enhances ripening

Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

  1. Starfruit turns into a star with a slice.
  2. If you have kidney problems, check with your doctor before eating starfruit.
  3. When green, starfruit is tart. As it yellows, it sweetens. Browning on the edges is natural. You can trim using a veggie peeler.
  4. It has a sweet and tangy flavor that’s very refreshing.
  5. With edible skin, it can be eaten like an apple.
  6. Perfect for tossing into salads, juicing for drinks and adding to dishes – side, entree or dessert.


GTIN: 00081679006005

PLU: 4256

Case counts: 16, 20, 25, 30

Net box weight: varies

Pallet count: 126



GTIN: 00081679782770

PLU: n/a

Case counts: 10 – 2 ct. clamshells

Net box weight: 6 oz. per clamshell

Pallet count: 126