All about Caribbean Red papayas

Love that papaya

Big fruit, big taste – Caribbean Red papaya


Taste: Similar to a melon in flavor, Caribbean Red papaya is juicy and sweet with a fragrant but not a musky aroma.

Added plus: This fruit’s pinkish flesh contains papain, an enzyme which helps digestion. It’s beautiful red color is also a nutritional plus...

Ripening: Don’t refrigerate until ripe. Keep fruit at room temperature (between 70 and 80 degrees). More on ripening…

Ripe: Papayas are ripe starting at 50% yellow when they yield to gentle pressure. Papayas sweeten as they ripen. Minor blemishes and spots may occur as they age. Once 100% yellow, enjoy within a day or two.

Open: You can simply cut in half vertically or try these  other ways. Which ever way you desire, go the fastest. See how…

Enjoy: Spoonful, slice or chunks, Caribbean Red papayas are a great snack and perfect addition to any salad – fruit or leaf. Don’t stop there:  blend into exotic smoothies, chop into a veggie topper or slice and add a creamy topping to this fruit for a dessert. So many ways to enjoy, Lots of ways to enjoy

Growing: Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. See how they’re grown…

Season: Year-round

In the know

Ripening chart

How to tell if a Caribbean Red is ripe and ready to eat.

Is it ripe?

Is it about 50% color and it gives a little with a gentle squeeze? Then yes, it is ripe and raring to eat. As it yellows, Caribbean Reds turn sweeter. But once 100% yellow, enjoy them within a day or two. Ripening chart up close…


Three things set papayas apart from other fruits and veggies. Caribbean Red papaya has a digestive enzyme and it’s a good source of the lycopene and cryptoxanthin.

  • Papain is a digestive enzyme that helps your digestive system do its job. Papaya is a great choice when watching one’s weight.
  • A high intake of lycopene-rich foods can reduce the risk of several types of cancers, most notably prostate cancer.
  • Cryptoxanthin inhibits new blood vessel formation. This also reduces the risk of cancer.

All this plus – papayas are a terrific source of vitamin C, folate and potassium.

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Big fruit, big Taste

Caribbean Red papayas can weigh up to 6 lbs. That’s a lot of fruit. It’s why in Central America it’s called fruta bomba.

You won’t have any trouble finding ways to enjoy this fruit, grilled, frozen, baked, fried or grilled.

Recipe ideas

Our Fields

That’s the leaf to a papaya bush. Our papaya are grown, packed and shipped  in food safety audited fields in Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. See where and how they’re grown.


You can easily scoop the seeds out to enjoy this fruit. You can also dry the seeds and ground them up into a delicious pepper.

EZ way to slice

Once you do it this way, you’ll never do it any other way.  Easy, quick and less mess.

Other ways to open

Slices and cubes of papaya are nice, but you may want to enjoy the fruit in as many ways as possible.  Ideas…  

If you slice across the middle and get a star, it may bring you luck.

Papaya Jokes

Who knew papaya could be so funny? The joke’s on papaya, see more…

Ethylene Production and Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: Once 100% yellow, the papaya should be enjoyed within two to three days.
Storage: 50° – 55°F
Humidity: 85% – 95%

Caribbean Red papayas deserve at least 3 spots.

  1. This big fruit is hard to miss. It’s size and gorgeous color easily signals the tropical or specialty section in your store.
  2.  Slice this papaya open, package it with a spoon and a slice of lime for the perfect snack or the customer who needs less than a whole fruit. This fruit’s a favorite addition for breakfast and lunch on-the-go.
  3. If you’re serving smoothies, make sure your menu has a couple of tropical treats. Caribbean Reds brings a sweet taste to any frozen concoction.


Other ideas

  1. Form a skirt around the melons with Caribbean Red papayas. This papaya a perfect addition to any fruit salad your customer makes themself or that they pick up in your ready-to-go section.
  2. “Bang for your buck” displays showing how we can get the most bang out of our produce bucks are fun with Caribbean Red papayas deserving a spot.

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Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

    1. Like a melon, Caribbean Red papaya has a sweet taste and aroma.
    2. Once 50% yellow and it gives to a gentle squeeze, it’s ripe. Enjoy within a day of two after the fruit is fully yellow.
    3. This fruit’s pinkish flesh contains papain, an enzyme which helps digestion.
    4. Cut open and enjoy by the spoonful. Or slice or cut to add to salads – fruit or leaf.
    5. This fruit is NOT GMO.

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