All about the SlimCado avocado


What is a SlimCado?  An avocado that naturally has up to half the fat and a third fewer calories than the hass avocado. SlimCados are a different branch on the avocado family tree. They’d have to be, they’re grown in very humid climates, not dry climates like the hass.

NO GMO: For over 95 years, Brooks Tropicals has grown SlimCados.

Why the label? These avocados can be 3 to 4 times larger than the hass avocado. Sometimes it’s thought to be a large hass avocado.  Since 1984 the label has helped us say:  this is not a hass avocado. It’s a lighter tasting avocado that naturally has less fat and fewer calories.

Taste: Light texture with a sweet, buttery taste. Some varieties have a nutty flavor to them.

Selection: A fruit that yields slightly to gentle pressure is ready for chopping. With more give, it may be ready for mashing, as in guacamole.

Is it ripe? The SlimCado’s skin remains green and yields to gentle pressure when ripe. It does not turn black. There’s one exception to this rule, the Hardee avocado.

Big in size. Big in a light buttery taste.
Big in size. Big in a light buttery taste.
SlimCado hanging out in the summer's heat
SlimCado hanging out in the summer's heat

In the know

Tips and hints on enjoying our SlimCados
Tips and hints on enjoying our SlimCados

From field to table, SlimCado

A quick look at this Florida avocado, where we grow it, and some ideas for how to enjoy its light buttery taste. This avocado has a nutritional punch that’s a great help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritious and delicious
Nutritious and delicious


Avocado nutrition with only 275 calories for a full cup of SlimCado.

But there’s more. Considering what you should be eating in your daily diet, one cup of this avocado delivers a whopping

  • 67% of vitamin C
  • 31% of vitamin E
  • 20% of folate
  • 23% of potassium
  • 52% or 12 grams of fiber
Different shapes, different sizes
Different shapes, different sizes

Different shapes, different sizes

SlimCados vary in shape and in size from six to thirteen inches long. They can have smooth or bumpy green skin. Sometimes the variety that we’re harvesting is one that turns red.

Any shape or size, SlimCado delivers a great light taste.

It's a big avocado
It's a big avocado

It’s a big avocado

A SlimCado can be 3 to 4 times larger than a hass avocado.

A lot of bang for your avocado buck and taste.

How to tell if it's GMO
How to tell if it's GMO

The label will tell you if it’s GMO

If a fruit or vegetable IS genetically modified, the number (not the barcode number) on the label will have 5 digits and it will start with 8.

A 4-digit number means the produce is conventionally grown, like our SlimCado.

A 5-digit number beginning with 9 would mean it’s organic.

Use the shell as a bowl
Use the shell as a bowl

Guac and bowl!

Want a show-stopping bowl? Serve your SlimCado guac, dip, salad or dish in this avocado’s skin. It’s easy, just a few tips to get the right shape.

Don't stop with the guac!
Don't stop with the guac!

Think beyond the guac!

SlimCados are perfect sliced into salads, diced to top soups or mashed and added to scrambled eggs. From breakfast to dinner, beverage to dessert, snack to simply enjoying with a slice of lime, SlimCados are a great treat. Ideas for

Toppings and spreads
Appetizers and sides
and Breakfasts

Our avocado groves
Our avocado groves

It’s not easy growing SlimCados

Just south of Miami and just before you hit the keys is an agricultural area called the Redlands. Brooks has been growing SlimCados here for over 95 years. Some of the trees are over 40 years old.

The subtropical heat and the humidity can produce some severe weather. Hurricane Andrew, for example, blew over 75% of our trees. Set back up straight, we were able to save 90% of them.  The trees were so stressed out that it took 20 years to come back to pre-Andrew harvests.

Now a beetle threatens the trees. With no-known predators, this insect burrows into the tree and deposits fungus that prevents the tree’s water coming up from its roots. The tree dies, top down.

Every disaster, every infestation, even suburban sprawl threatens our groves. Brooks shows that we’ve always come back strong, but we never forget what we went through. And we’re grateful for still being able to grow SlimCados.

A SlimCado with another week or so to grow
A SlimCado with another week or so to grow

Our SlimCado groves

Our avocado’s year starts in early spring. Early harvesting avocado trees start losing their leaves but quickly burst into flowers with red leaves growing in behind them. The leaves turn green and the flowers burst into fruit (with a lot of work and luck). Click below to see how the seasons turn for a SlimCado.

Enjoy without a recipe in sight
Enjoy without a recipe in sight

My SlimCado’s turning RED!

Don’t panic, you have a Hardee avocado. It’s a SlimCado variety that turns a bit red as it ripens.

Avocado jokes

Avocados are fun to eat and fun to make a little fun of. See more…

For our retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production & Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: Generally one week. Once ripe, the avocado should be enjoyed within one to two days
Brooks Availability: June – January
Brooks Origin: Florida and Dominican Republic
Storage Temperature: 42° – 48°F, do not store below 40°F
Storage Humidity: 85%-95%

Display logistics: Display enough to sell in one day roughly 15-30 pieces (depending on the traffic in your store). When replenishing, rotate any remaining fruit to the front. The display’s front should contain the ripest fruit.

Ideas:  SlimCados have a light creamy taste that’s perfect for displays highlight salads, snacks, power shakes, and of course, guacamole.

Make sure this avocado has room in both your avocado/tomato section and the tropical section. And give it room for any avocado toast grouping. With a lighter taste, fewer calories it makes a nutritious toast topper.

Download a pdf about dragonfruit

Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

  1. Dragonfruit is also known as pitaya.
  2. It has has a light tropical flavor with easy-to-eat seeds.
  3. Brooks’ dragonfruit are grown in Southern Florida. Show the “Fresh from Florida” logo whenever possible.
  4. Slice in half to enjoy with a spoon or chop to add to a salad. Scoop out the insides for a great slushy drink.
  5. Take care handling red dragonfruit. It can stain.
  6.  Dragonfruit is a good source of


Download this info sheet

Sizes: small, medium, large and jumbo

GTIN: 00081679311512

PLU: 3040

Case counts: varies

Net box weight: 10#

Pallet count: 145