My commute to work

My commute to work

Today, most live in Homestead to commute to Miami or the Keys. But Homestead was and still is where farmers and those who work the farms live. Their daily commute is to their fields just outside the town in an area called the Redlands.

It’s where fields have tract home neighbors, some fields back-up to schools. Some fields are so big you can see your fellow cars on the parallel road.

My 10 minute drive to work is on 2 lane roads with no traffic lights just 4-way stops with little games of chicken played in almost every intersection. Pick-up trucks are vexed to find my Prius easily passes them.  Tractors and plows are easily passed by all.

The landscape varies as what’s grown or about to be grown. It’s the end of November, some crops have been planted (squash, tomatoes) and some fields await their seeds (berries, beans and so much more).

Some fields require explanation. What is the farmer to do with 5 acres planted with now 30′ sable palms? Waiting for their future planting, the field reminds me of an Egyptian temple with its numerous columns.

As I pull into my parking space, avocado trees loom overhead. There’s a good chance that avocado on my walk in will be ready to pick. Salad for an upcoming lunch.