Make a smoothie out of me!

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Decadent dragon papaya smoothie

Dragonfruit and Caribbean Red papaya combine for a decadent treat.

Passionate SlimCado smoothie

Passionfruit and SlimCado’s light avocado taste make this a tropical cooler for the adults.

Creamy Starfruit-Kale Smoothie

Starfruit helps curb kale’s lack of appeal. Nutrition that tastes great.

Chilling with chayote and berries

Add chayote to almost any fruit smoothie and be refreshed with a tasty drink.

Invert the universe smoothie

Instead of dark sky with bright stars, it’s starfruit and dragonfruit inverting the universe.

Groovy SlimCado smoothie

Fresh coconut and a SlimCado go sublime with this ez make, little time to make smoothie.

Go wild with tropical fruits for out-of-this-world taste. Ideas for smoothies for breakfast, energy pick-me-ups or desserts.