Tropicals make it – WOW!

tropicals make the entreeRestaurants call fruit and vegetable dishes “sides” for a reason. The focus is on making entrees with a WOW factor.

Part of WOW is often super-sizing. Produce, which should be three-fourths of the plate, is left hanging on the edge.

You can both WOW and up the nutrition in the meal by making tropicals a part of the entree.

Super-size these entrees
coconut onion rings

Coconut onion rings

Tropicals and seafood make perfect sense together

Papaya, avocado, lime, passionfruit and coconut are all fruits of the Caribbean. And boy, did they get around. The coconut and avocado we think are native to Florida probably washed onshore from another Caribbean locale eons ago.

It’s no wonder that seafood and tropicals taste phenomenal together.

edamame salad

Tropical edamame salad, served in a Solo papaya

Vegetarian dishes need WOW too!

Those beans and that tofu – and don’t forget that edamame – could use some help.

Yes they’re super nutritious, but taste counts too! Tropicals to the rescue, adding WOW along the way.

uniq fruit tops salmon

Salmon, elegantly topped with a Uniq Fruit sauce

Easy elegance, easy to make

Salmon topped with a “Uniq” sauce adds just the right touch to this seafood favorite. Uniq Fruit’s taste is best described as a combo of tangerine and grapefruit.

Salmon, elegantly topped with a Uniq Fruit sauce

blt and what?

BLT and P Bacon, lettuce, tomato and papaya

Sandwich gone tropical

That’s a BLT and P salad served in a Solo papaya. Perfect way to get a nutritious fruit in that tummy.

Uniq Fruit and tuna salad

Spicy Uniq Fruit and tuna salad

Perfect for a work lunch!

Tuna fish goes beyond the lunch box with Uniq Fruit. This is a bit of a spice cabinet overload but well worth it. Almost any canned seafood will shine in this salad.

Avocado corn chowder

Avocado corn chowder
made with a SlimCado

It’s corn chowder gone green!

In an avocado way, with coconut, ginger and lime to make it perfect. Perfect for movie night at home, but the main feature will be what you’re eating.